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2020-05-07 23:03:10

The special Day


Genesis 1 is a very poetic text.

Zachary Ardern (...probably many others too)

Yesterday SMD-Muenchen had a Talk on "CoViD19 Genomics and the case for christianity." Zachary Ardern did it and opened for questions afterwards. We only scratched the surface of the related topic Evolution and God. I didn't really bring any information from yesterdays talk into this article. Still I wanted to quote and refer to the person that inspired this particular post. So feel free to dig into Zachary's Website.

The following is just my thoughts on the remark Zachary Ardern made concerning the biblical story of the creation of our world.
Let Genesis 1, 2 and 3 be "poetic texts" - Let us even call them parables for a second - in that case, wouldn't it be great to know how those stories can be applied to our personal lives? What were they supposed to mean to us? No matter what we believe concerning the truth about the process of creation, should we not consider the posibility? Should we not ask: What can we learn from this piece of story?

I found it interesting to reconsider the principle of getting something done every day. (I mentioned that in an article.)
This principle can be found in the report on creation printed in the beginning of every bible - God actually practices it.
He has a complete day's work or more clearly a complete week's work. What he does in that week, he does to perfection, it is finished. What if we could apply that? What could be our project for a week? Would we have to break with the modern eight to five schedule?

We might logically have to do that - anyway I think, we can do a great deal by applying it to our spare time:
God created the whole earth and to complete it he created two beings in his likeness - his friends!? Doing so, he built the first relationship (neglecting what we call trinity). That might be the purpose of a week. What if we used every single week to specially invest in one of our relationships? We might go one step a day - one step closer to that person: text them, call them, schedule a coffee date, get a little gift for them, cook a delicious meal and enjoy it together - and top it with the seventh day spent together.

This idea is totally free to be applied with different people or the same person. I don't quite know, what to do with it - yet I believe it would be helpful for every relationship, no matter if water or blood. And I'd love to see some of you try it and share your experiences.

Let me share another thought on creation by the way: God created a garden and he did go for walks in this garden. We can read in the beginning of the bible, that he went there when the day got chill - something like an after work walk. Very probably he spent the Sabbath in Eden. Yes, it seems that God did his work aimed at this place and time of rest, just like most of us work towards a vacation or perhaps retirement. (the latter seems rather far away to me right now.)
What if it was not about what he did, but more about what he was aimed at? Let's neglegt the way for a second and focus on the goal: God worked to make this rest not without form and void and lonely but rather filled with relationship, abundance and the perfect interplay of life. (the "great dance" to quote C.S.Lewis)
It is hard fo me to take a whole day and do nothing with it. Sometimes that is what I try, when I take a personal sabbath in my week. But right now my eyes are opened to the fact that God did probably not do nothing on the first sabbath of biblical history.
For sure he did not sleep. I suppose he went for a walk with Adam and Eve through woods full of fruits none of them had ever tasted. Surely he was talking to them, perhaps sitting down with them in the sun. I imagine them carrying some fruits they have just picked, sitting down in a nice and beautiful place and having a picnic. They had so many unknown aromas to enjoy.
But probably they did indeed not sit down. The must have been so overwhelmed with all the opportunities of life. Adam and Eve were probably exploring the garden like young kittens explore a house. They may have been chasing after some animal of breathtaking appearance, just to be able to see it's face or to pet it.
Maybe they even picked some heads of grain.


Simeon: ... That animal might have been a dog. Just chose the picture because it reminds me of an amazing day of dogsledding wich was for sure not a day of work even though we were quite tired afterwards.