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2020-08-01 05:19:41



You can't be in authority, unless you're under authority.

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The anointing starts at the head and goes down into the beard and into the skirts of the garments (Psalm 133) - the LORD commands his blessing right there. The head of the church is Jesus - he is in the place of glory already, we need to be at least under his authority to take part in his anointing and even in his authority. But it is neccessary also to be under the authority of christian leaders, that serve us as pastors or elders.
There is a natural an healthy hierarchy in the body of believers. We should take the place that God gave us and do our ministry there. Not everyone needs to be a preacher or a teacher - even though everyone is called to spread the good News of Jesus Christ. Not everyone needs to be a prophet - still I believe that you can be prophetic right where you were put by God's provision. I believe that we will see miracles wherever we honour those that paved the way before us. First of all Jesus, who is himself the way and then all the others: Parents, Pastors, Small Group Leaders, even uncles and aunts. Who can You honour today? How?


Simeon: Bei dem Mann auf dem Bild handelt es sich um den Pastor meiner Gemeinde, Theodor Friesen. Siehe auch

Simeon: Geschrieben wurde dieser Eintrag schon am 10 Juli aber da hatte ich ihn nur auf Belletristica veröffentlicht.