sj4jc - Post - Investment

2020-06-19 17:04:04



It is to be give and recieve
rather than give and take.

Mario Frank

The more we give the more we recieve. Or at least that is what many people might tell you. Even the bible reads: Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done. (Proverbs 19:17)
So what about us? It is not some kind of waste to give to the poor - No, actually it is pretty much of an investment. The money that we give away without expecting reward will be rewarded. Jesus even promised that the reward would be more than what you gave - provided you did it for his sake.
There is this amazing parable about three employees and their master. The master gives each of them a certain amount of money (five two and one talents as you can read Matthew 25:14) and leaves them with the responsibility to take good care of it. Two of them manage to double their share before the master returns to hold them accountable. They get a reward. The last one makes an interest-free investment - he buries his share and his reward is... guess what. He got fired.
Comparing this to our time, I see that there is almost no way to give your money to a bank with noteworthy interest. So saving it on a bank account would certainly be comparable with burying it. It is no good to be wealthy, if that means that people around you have to sleep hungry. The best investment we can possibly make is that one that helps the poor. Why not give the beggar you see everyday more than a coin? Why not give all away that you don't actually need? If everybody did that, we would not need a welfare state. Don't get me wrong - I recieve a lot of blessings from the german system of funding their young people. Yet I feel like it's wrong to look for places to take money that "I deserve" (by law) rather than looking for a place to spend it even to the "undeserving". It should be our priority to meet the needs of our neighbours above stuffing our comfort zone with new pillows and a 4k curved TV screen. Maybe we should start giving and not care so much about what we will recieve.