sj4jc - Post - sow and reap

2020-03-24 09:08:16

sow and reap


So am I allotted months of futility and suffering, And [long] nights of trouble and misery are appointed to me.

Job 7:3 [AMP]

The caption might be mistaken. It isn't meant to jugde Job. The life of Job was not bad all in all. There was a tragic breaking point, some time "of trouble and misery".
We read about a diabolic bet behind the scenes, but Job didn't know any of that. Life may be frightening. Yet life on this world is temporary and results in something much greater.
I feel like the last months in my life - though not comparable to Job's depression - where months of preparing, maybe even resting. I did not see too many amazing things going on. I was not about to write a lot on this blog - nor elsewhere.
Now there is a restart though. I took upon writing a story again. I wrote this article. I am about to do some coding in a new programming language. The funny thing about it is: All of this is growing from the quarantine. What are you using this time for?