sj4jc - Post - What I do

2019-12-04 16:03:50

What I do


I started and stopped.
Projects, texts even relationships.
I travelled the world and back from trips,
I knew what to drop.
At least something.

Simeon Weigel

In my life I have been overwhelmed by the fact that there were so many things to do. And it's not even been twenty years. I got my sentences packed with Information and they get longer and longer.
My life is stuffed with things in a similar way: I play music (drums, hoping to learn guitar or ukulele), write (blogposts or devotionals, started to write stories too), sow (made a purse, two pencil cases, aiming for backpacks), study and practice IT, work with the scouts group of our church, and there is more for sure.
Anyway - There is enough time to do all of it. Because time is always enough - you can split it and switch from one task to another. Nowadays you can switch a lot faster than ten years ago maybe. I can go back and forth from writing this text to playing a computer game - not to say I play computer games. Oh, of course I do that too. It would not cost me a second to switch to the computer game. It can be started in the background. I can write this text in a train, I mean, I could, right now I'm in my bedroom.
I love writing, but there is at least one thing I love a lot more: spending time with people. With anyone. It is so good to talk to someone, building a friendship, hoping it will grow deeper and hold for a long time.
The problem in all the opportunities is the fact that time is not infinite, yet relevant. You have a decent amount of time and you have to deal with it. You can do anything you can think about. However if you spend fifty years thinking, you might not have enough time to realize what you dreamed.