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2019-11-12 13:15:30

How to get up early


The early bird catches the worm

William Camden

I am known as a morning person to many of my friends. Just recently I was in Italy with my best friend and his parents. On our way into the Hotel his mother told me: “You need not get up for breakfast at seven tomorrow.”, obviously expecting I would. But how does getting up early affect our daily life and how do I do it?
I think rising early is not universally good. It is helpful to have time for breakfast before work, have a quiet time and prepare for the day. But if you work in the afternoon only, there will be plenty of time no matter if you get up at five or at ten.
I think there is two more questions, before we get to the question I stated above: First, what does it take to get up early? It takes Time. You either sleep less or spend less time awake at night. Second, what does it give you? You might be more productive in the morning, in this case getting up early will give you the opportunity to seize that peak of productivity. If you are not productive in the morning, it may not help you to get up earlier.
How do I get up early now? I just get up. It’s that easy: as soon as your awake, make it a habit to leave your bed. Check what time it is afterwards. Don’t snooze whether you are using an alarm or not.
(this is from the perspective of someone who is easy to fall asleep again.)
If you see that it is too early, just get back into bed. On the other hand if you see it is a good time to start, go for it. It is perhaps the best and easiest way to get up whenever your circadian clock would wake you up.
(I didn’t consider the fact you could be disturbed by noise. If so, this advice of course is misfit.)