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2019-10-23 02:00:00

Honest feedback or ...


Open rebuke is better than love carefully concealed.

Proverbs 27:5 [NKJV]

Yes ... or what? We often tend to think, somebody else might say it. So we just remain silent. I think it is not really important to Solomon in this passage what we say. It is more about saying the truth, whatever it is. If you like it, say it, leave a comment, follow someone, even tell a friend you love them.
And even if you don't, just tell them how it ought to be, leave a comment, unfollow someone, even tell someone frankly you won't spend time with them, as long as they behave that way.
And for me this one is of personal importance: Tell me what you think about my posts. If it is only a comma you want to correct (I don't really, know where to put them.). Please, tell me what you like, what you think about the topics, just communicate. It is better than not to.