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2021-04-29 18:21:45

A lot to talk about


You are as young as your confidence.

Albert Schweitzer

How old are we? Do we still have confidence or have we lost it already? It is odd to look at it this way. As young as my confidence. Confidence can't be measured in years but as soon as someone with more confidence gets on the scene you might find yourself referring to him as naive respectively young. A friend of mine used to say "The older you get, the bolder you get" but that is not true for the average person. An average adult has less confidence than the average three year old. The older you get, the more you know, the more you have to worry about.
But we have the power to turn the tables in our little lives. We can choose to dream, be inspired and get ever more confident. Can we choose? I hope we can.
I spent a lot of the last three weeks working for my studies on computer science. Or say I spent more than my average. And In the process of doing so I found myself once again asking wether this was what I wanted. Is this what it's all about? Isn't there so many things I miss? So many things more important?
I'm not through with this but I believe that there is someone on my side. I believe.